What inspires me about working with teens and young adults is…
Teens and young adults bring with them such a wealth of experience, knowledge and spirit that not enough adults give them credit for. I have learned so much from the teens I work with. I love listening to their stories and helping to empower them to make decisions about their sexual health.

Something I wish I had been told when I was younger is…
What will be will be. Some things are out of our control and that’s okay.

My strange super power is…
I’m a super taster! I have unusually sensitive taste buds 🙂

Last emoji used:

In my free time, you’ll find me…
Traveling abroad, playing with other people’s dogs, at an exercise class or having an impromptu dance party.

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, BA History, Johns Hopkins University, BS in Nursing
Graduate: Emory University, Masters of Public Health

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