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What inspires me about working with teens and young adults is…
I love working with teens and young adults because they are so honest, spirited, and energetic. I enjoy talking with them about everything from their plans for the rest of the day, to their dreams for their futures. We can learn so much from teen and young adult’s perspectives.

Something I wish I had been told when I was younger is…
1) Traveling and seeing the world is ALWAYS a good idea.
2) Make sure each day to stop doing and spend a moment just being.
3) You are enough.

My strange super power is…
I have an amazing ability to nap anywhere, anytime.

Last emoji used:

In my free time, you’ll find me…
Playing soccer with my husband and two boys (aka, trying to keep up with their mad skills), hiking, camping, crafting and painting, spending time in nature, reading, gardening, or cuddling with my dog.

The University of Colorado, BA in Germanic Studies, The University of Colorado in Denver, BS in Nursing

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