Sex can be fun. We help make it safer.

If you’re sexually active now or will be sometime soon, come to BC4U to get what you need. Everything you see below is free and confidential. We don’t tell anyone. And we don’t judge you.

Pregnancy test

We test you right here.  It takes just a few minutes, so you’ll know before you leave.

Contraception (fancy for birth control)

Besides preventing pregnancy, we use birth control for women who have irregular or painful periods, or really heavy bleeding.  We’ve got everything here, so you get it at your visit.  No visit to the pharmacy to pick something up.

STD tests

Testing for the most common STDs is easy. We’ll ask you to pee in a cup and if you don’t hear from us in a couple of days, then you can assume your tests are negative. The most common STDs we see is Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

We can also test for HIV and syphilis with a blood sample. As for herpes and warts, we have to see a bump lesion or sore to diagnose it.

What if I can’t pee? We can collect a sample from your vagina or penis. This is done with a small cotton swab. Yep, it can be done, but most prefer to pee.

Emergency contraception

If you have doubts about your birth control, see us as soon as you can. We can give you a very safe high-dose birth control pill that may prevent the release of an egg. It won’t affect your current birth control method but could change the timing of your period. This is not an abortion pill, and it won’t harm an existing pregnancy.

Pap smears and breast exams

If you’re a woman over 21, it’s time to get regular breast exams and pap smears. Here, they’re free and just as good as you’d get at your doctor’s office. They’re nothing to worry about, and everybody should have them as part of a check-up.