What is it?

Liletta is a tiny, T-shaped, soft plastic device that fits in your uterus. Super cute! It has the hormone progestin in the T. This hormone is slowly released in your uterus. It changes the chemistry of your uterus and makes a plug that stops the sperm and egg from meeting. It also thins the lining of your uterus, which makes your periods lighter. A-mazzzing. It’s a great choice if you’re forgetful, on the move, or don’t want to carry around anything in your bag.

How effective is it?

Less than 1 pregnancy per 100 people.

How often do I take it?

It just takes one visit with us to insert it, and it can last up to 8 years.

• It can be taken out at any time
• Put it in and forget about it
• Heavy periods can become lighter and less painful
• Safe and private – nothing to carry around
• It’s one of the most effective at 99.8%
• You can’t feel it when it’s in
• Offers another option to those affected by the estrogen hormone

• It may cause strong cramps when it’s first put in. These get better
• Periods may be unpredictable for the first 3-6 months
• On rare occasions, it can slip out of place (3 in 100)
• It takes 7 days to start working after it’s put in (so wear a condom if having vaginal sex)
• Does not protect against STIs
• Has to be put in by a doctor or nurse
• Some people don’t like not having their period
• Small risk of infection when inserted and removed
• It might take up to a year for your period to return to normal

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