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What is it?

Plan B is a form of emergency contraception, which can stop you from getting pregnant after having sex without protection. It works best when taken within 3 days, but can work (less effectively) up to 5 days after the act. It’s a super safe method, if it comes down to it. It’s totally normal for your next period to be a bit different than what you’re used to.

How effective is it?

If taken within 3 days, less than 11-25 pregnancies per 100 people .

How often do I take it?


• It can help prevent pregnancy after having sex
• Anyone can pick it up from a pharmacy
• It will give you a better peace of mind if you’re worried
• It’s most effective when used within 12 hours after unprotected sex

• It can interrupt your normal period cycle
• It doesn’t protect against STIs
• It’s not great birth control, but a good back-up plan
• You can’t wait a long time before getting it, otherwise it won’t work
• It is not a substitute for regular birth control

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