What is it?

The shot contains the progestin hormone and is given to you by a doctor or nurse. It only works if you get the shot every 3 months (4 times a year). Progestin stops your ovaries from releasing eggs, and changes the chemistry of your uterus, making it harder for sperm and egg to find each other and survive. Once the shot is given, it keeps working until it wears off (3 months). You don’t have to remember to take it as often as the pill or the ring, but it’s not the best option if you’re freaked out by needles.

How effective is it?

About 6 pregnancies per 100 women.

How often do I take it?

Every 3 months, given by your healthcare provider.

• You only have to remember it 4 times a year
• You’ll stop having a period altogether after 6–9 months
• You can start using the shot whenever you want
• Doesn’t interrupt sex
• Great option for those who want to avoid estrogen or can’t take estrogen

• Can cause irregular bleeding or can make you feel more hungry
• You might need to take extra calcium if you take it longer than 2 years
• You have to remember to make appointments every 3 months
• Tough for those afraid of needles
• Does not protect against STIs
• It may cause some people to have headaches and mood swings
* It might take up to a year for your period to return to normal

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